Parish History

On the 26th May1991 several families from St Nicholas Rockingham were comissioned by the then Rector, Rev Robert Hanson, to go out under the care of Deacon Rev John Ward, to form the embryo of the Warnbro parish.

The first service was held in the Warnbro Primary School on the 2nd of June in the same year and slowly our congregation grew until we were finally to large for the school and so just three months later we moved into the lesser hall at the Warnbro Recreation Centre (prior to it being enlarged). With many ups and downs, with some families leaving and others joining we continued to grow and finally we were to be declared a Parochial District.

August the 5th 1994 saw Rev Bob Hosken and family coming to lead us. The next event on the calendar was to look for some form of identity, a name to associate with in the absence of a church building. The blessed Julian of Norwich, St Boniface, St Mary Mackillop were some of the names we considered, however we finally decided on Saint Brendan.

Saint Brendan also known as Brendan the Navigator, was an Irish Monk, the 'Travelling Abbot of Clonfert'. Ordained by the Bishop of Kerry, St Erc, in 512, St Brendan set about founding monastaries throughout Ireland he also travelled extensively in Scotland and was a friend of Columba in Argyll. St Brendan's feast day is May 16 and he is the Patron Saint of Sailors and Travellers.

February 21st 2001 saw work begin on the first stage of our new home on the corner of Currie st and Parkland Ave with our fist service held on the 1st July. On the 12th of August 2001 Archbishop Carnley Dedicated and Consecrated our new home.

Saint Brendans is a Christian church preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our community holds to Jesus' values of love and we strive to follow Jesus' great command, to love the Lord with all our hearts, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Saint Brendan's holds various bible studies during the year such as Lenten studies and Advent studies. So if you are looking for a church family to belong to, come along and join us. We are situated on the corner of Currie street and Parkland Drive Warnbro. All are very welcome.