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Our Faith Community

        Faith Formation
christ_teacherFaith Formation 
We have many different opportunties to learn about your faith and hcat2ow you relate to the world at St Brendan's.

Bible Study Groups
All year - the next study is Distilling Wisdom from the Daily

The Catechumenate - a fancy word for learning about God!
For those seeking confirmation, re-affirmation and adult baptism 

Is your child asking to recieve First Communion? 
Regular First Communion Services are held at St Brendan's.



The Catechumenate
Presenter: David Lord

Are you interested in being baptised or confirmed? Is it a while (or perhaps never) since you have thought much about your faith? Was the last time you really did any studies on your faith at Sunday School? If you have answered yes to any of those questions and you would like the opportunity to look at your faith from a very basic startingpoint, to look at the basics and perhaps have a tune up. There is the opportunity to run a Catechumenate, if there are sufficient numbers, at a time and day that will suit the majority of people. If you are interested or want further information, contact David.

A Wonderful experience of Christian living held over a weekend.

4th day meetings 
Cursillo weekends for Men and Women are held several times a year. 

2019 - Cursillo might be just what you are searching for!
contact Paul or Leanne Doyle for further details - admin@stbrendans.com.au

We have regular Study groups that meet either on a Thursday morning or a Wednesday evening.

contact admin@stbrendans.com.au to see what is happening this term.

EFM: Education for Ministry 

Wednesday Nights @ 6:30pm with a shared meal

EfM can be summed up as Exploring faith Matters.
EfMhelps us to interpret the richness of the church’s faith in our complex world and to express it with confidence, in both words and actions, in our day-to-day lives and in our own communities.

Many people come to EfM wanting more understanding of the Bible and the Church, as well as support in day-to-day ministry. Some want skills training to be better listeners, or to help others to faith or to support those in need. Some want to make connections between their faith and their everyday experience.
Visit the EfM National Website for a comprehensive overview www.efmaustralia.org

Study Groups

Advent Program - Labrynth
Presenter: Paulene Tibbits               Book Cost $5.00
Our quiet Advent Thursdays will commence from 28 November until 19 December 2019– 10.15am to 11.45am

There will be an oppportunity to walk our temporary Labrynth and have a quiet time of refelction in the church and/or in our garden grounds. The Labrynth and guide information and Advent Reflection Guides are available  anytime during daylight hours .

Contact Fr David for further information
rector@stbrendans.com  mob: 0427 921 342